Too Beautiful to Be Destoyed??

Yesterday night, I enjoyed a dinner with my elder colleague in Fukuoka/JAPAN, who’s been truly successful in the Sino-Japanese accounting world since the 1990’s. Because he’s too successful to be satisfied with his ordinary job, he and his local friends are now trying to open a brandnew restaurant of giblets cooked in a hot pot, which is located in Sapporo. As soon as it was opened in last April, it’s just begun to boom there in spite of the really hot climate nowadays (“Giblets cooked in a hot pot (MOTSUNABE)” is used to be served in winter in Japan). The company made its mind to expand the business in Hokkaido.

Following his recommendation, we just tried to have it in the head restaurant here in Fukuoka. It was… too delicious to be described. Just beyond description. To be honest, I had got angry beforehand, because event of a local bank where I should have given a speech was canceled due to the approaching typhoon. However, I decided to come here to enjoy the reunion and “MOTSUNABE”, which made me feel happier than ever. Thank you so much, my elder colleague Mr. A, or “Eichan in Fukuoka”!!


By the way…Sometimes, I find it funny the Japanese public opinion tends to describe many “talented” women as “Too beautiful to XXX”. For example, there is a female researcher who is too beautiful to be attacked harshly in spite of ambiguity in her scientific finding (Ms. Haruko OBOKATA). In addition, we can also find a female lawyer who is too beautiful to be criticized as job hopper (Ms. Mayu YAMAGUCHI).

Now, the Japanese public opinion starts to target Russian/Ukrainian/Crimean beauty: Ms. Natalia Poklonskaya. In the course of disastrous and still on-going civil war in Ukraine, Ms. Poklonskaya, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Crimea, has been locked on. Although the GOJ joined concerted sanctions against the Russian government by G7 countries, her popularity in Japan continues to grow. The reason is very simple: Ms. Natalia Pokonskaya is too beautiful to be destroyed. Hmmm…

Natalia_Poklonskaya-9893It is said some so-called experts of Russian and international affairs in Japan commented it’s just a typical propaganda of the Russian to show up their girls’ beauty. But I strongly doubt it because there are indeed lots of Russian women on the street who can be described as possessor of both talent and beauty.

Since yesterday, however, even the Japanese public opinion seems to forget its enthusiasm for Ms. N. Poklonskaya and changed the focus on another story: The US president Obama finally instructed his air force to attack the northern part of Iraq. The bombardment is continuing so far.

Maybe, the world is too peaceful for Barack OBAMA to be maintained. While the Nikkei 225 index fell drastically due to his declaration of war yesterday, the American obviously perceived him doing the right things and rushed to buy stocks in NY. When I heard the breaking news on the declaration yesterday morning in TOKYO, I never changed my previous analysis on future trends of the global macro which had pointed out yesterday (August 8, 2014) must be the day of very beginning of a new trend upwards in the market. I contacted our legendary data scientist of the Japanese stock market, Mr. HKD, and then, he also argued the sudden fall of the Nikkei 225 could indicate rather a strong rebound in the next week.

BUT, don’t be too optimistic to be blind to the real future: On around August 18/19, something significant could happen and change the positive trend so far drastically, tells my adaptive unconscious. What will come up?? I don’t know yet, although I’m quite sure the rebound, which started with the yesterday’s DOW in NY, will be kept only for a while.


Well, guys, it’ll be the end of show time we’ve enjoyed together thanks to the financial capitalism invented by the Chicago boys. Instead, the Russian will give a totally brandnew order of the world thanks to both their female beauty and the BRICs bank. Meanwhile, the battle between the two, self-proclaimed world orders will lead the globe to an irreversible chaos at least until 2018. Be careful and stay tuned…





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