Preparing for Survival on August 22

The US President Obama gave a speech on August 14 to imply US wouldn’t begin ground operation to rescue the Kurds in the northern Iraq. Simultaneously, the Russian President Putin made it clear in Crimea that Russia stands up by itself without any confrontation with outsiders. Based on these two events, the financial market boosted due to the speculation that geopolitical tensions in both Iraq and Ukraine would be eased.

Nevertheless, my adaptive unconscious never agrees on such an optimism so far. I’ve been feeling the world is heading rather to a series of collapse which will clearly declare the beginning of irreversible change of the world order. While I stick to this thesis, my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD, sent me his statistical analysis on the Nikkei 225 as follows:


20140814    -1    15621.63    over 408   
20140815    -1    15508.46    over 193.89   

20140818    -1    15468.22    over 153.65   

20140819    -1    15350        over 35.43   

20140820    1    15248.99    over -65.58   

20140821    1    15287.97    under  -26.6   

*20140822    1    15014.56    under -300.01   

20140825    1    15204.7        under -109.87   

20140826    1    15234.97    under -79.6   

20140827    1    15283.89    under -30.68


Now, you can easily find something significant would occur on August 22, which would lead the world to a fatal collapse. According to the Le Chatelier’s principle, the financial market would go up before that. However, you should never believe the trend would continue forever. Otherwise, you would lose everything you’ve been bidding in an optimistic manner without any firm reasons.    

Well, you may still wonder what would occur on August 22 and how you should prepare for that. In order to seek appropriate solutions, you should begin with regarding the above mentioned remarks given by Obama and Putin as “noble lies“.  For accomplishing their joint venture to change the world order, they just pretend as if they wouldn’t have any intentions to do so. In fact, they should have jointly begun to finalize preparation for this hidden project.

The point is both US and Russia would be involved into de facto wars without any official declaration of war. Regarding US operation in the northern Iraq, the self-proclaimed Islamic jihadists, ISIS, will further attack the US air force even to the extent that the US military as a whole couldn’t help beginning concerted retaliation with the Israeli IDF by de facto ground operation.

Russia will be attacked by the Ukrainian military, while the former is trying to penetrating into her territory with its “humanitarian” convoy. Even though Putin still seems to be reluctant to act offensively, the local military unit, which is surprisingly independent of instructions from Moscow, will react harshly on any direct attack by the Ukrainian. A ground war will begin.

But, don’t be too pessimistic. There must always be an exit of complicated labyrinth. That is to say, there must be a common goal which Russia and US jointly pursue to reach. What is it?

At this stage, I would simply say they want to cut off oil supply in both the Middle East and Russia. While the future market of crude oil will rocket, the fatal shortage will push the world community to accept opening of brandnew oil fields especially in the Arctic Circle.

In this regard, the stock market will collapse dramatically, wherever it is. The USD will be depreciated in a dramatic manner because of fear for Islamic terrorism inside the US border. In addition, the oil price will sharply go up and reach beyond $ 200 per barrel.

And don’t forget the escalation of Argentinian default. On August 21, an essential decision on CDS connected to the defaulted bond will be made.

Of course, the so-called “ABENOMICS” in Japan will be forced to stop. As far as I know, the fundamental human network of the world order doesn’t agree on Japanese running alone. It just checks whether the Japanese Imperial House really wants to do so. The latter is still thinking about the next step. To move forward or to evade any collision with the former is the real question the hardcore of the Japanese is now facing. It’s not the stock price but the survival of Japanese hidden strategy to realize “Pax Japonica” that matters.

Anyway… On August 22, the world community will go beyond “the point of no return.” My adaptive unconscious tells me that the chaos will be settled down tentatively in the beginning of October and December of this year and the new world order will irreversibly emerge in the forthcoming March. Whether Japan will be rescued in spite of the dramatic change, depends on the possibility that Russian President Putin will pay an official visit to Japan in September, while Putin will be nominated for conductor of the world community by replacing US President Obama.



My dear Japanese readers don’t need to be too pessimistic. The hardcore of Japanese authority has closely got connected with Putin from the beginning of his political career and even helped him to be sufficiently financed to become the President. It’s not ABE but an ordinary old man living in Kobe whom Putin always thanks and is willingly to talk with.

Well, guys, the party will be started soon. Are you ready??

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