Financial Collapse of Korea and Hidden Truth of JPY/USD

Yesterday evening, I gave a lecture to our potential corporate clients in Otemachi/Tokyo. To my surprise, a breeze of information was delivered to me there by one of my closest financial INTEL partners:

“Behind the door, it is now decided thet one of the biggest banks in Seoul is secretly offered to Japanese buyers. In spite of its huge deposit, the selling price is extremely low. Do you understand what I mean?”

Sometimes, people used to ask me how to gather secrecy and its relevant information. In Japan, there are some self-proclaimed experts of INTEL who massively produce books and articles on how to gather and analyze information and make INTEL of them, such as this.

However, please make sure a professional INTEL man never discloses true stories he obtained including details of his methodology. If he does so, it automatically means either he is a liar, or he doesn’t know anything.

The above mentioned guy neither writes books nor uploads his own agency’s website. Instead, he always does the right things quietly for the sake of Japan. In this mean, he’s a real shadow man and never has interest to be popular in the public. Nevertheless, he is well known among genuine INTEL men beyond borders.

Getting back to the story on Korea, I would take this opportunity to make one thing clear it to you, dear readers: Sudden disposal of a megabank in Seoul indicates without doubt the financial collapse in the ROK will happen in the very, very near future. That will negatively affect not only Japan but also the world community as a whole. After the success story of SAMSUNG, our Korean friends unfortunately turn out not to be genie…

At this juncture, I feel I have to make one more thing clear to you, dear readers. It is related to the on-going, hidden mechanism between JPY and USD.

As you know, USD has surged upwards in the last couple of weeks. So-called “experts” and “analysts” tried to explain the phenomena by saying, “The Fed will advance the date of raising the interest rate.” Because of QQE 2.0 by the Bank of Japan, the interest rate in Japan is kept low. Such a divergence between USD and JPY in terms of interest rate leads to a current depreciation of JPY, they say.

Candidly, it is all the fake story. The Japanese Ministry of Finance and the Fed have been continuing to keep in touch and balance macro economy between Japan and the US: A shadow man is in duty in the Financial Bureau of the MOF, who is entitled to override even decisions to be made by other high-ranking MOF officials. Only he receives instructions from the Fed and control every measure to both appreciate and depreciate JPY.

The point is the situation around this shadow guy has been drastically changed since 2012. The sovereign debt of the GOJ began to surpass net national wealth of the Japanese. It simply means he just lost the most effective measure to control the exchange rate of JPY to USD. The situation is not under control any more, while the outbreak of the Grand Middle East War is approaching. Because this war will inevitably lead to rush for safe havens in the financial market, JPY has been sold beforehand. Once the moment of the truth will come, JPY will be bought massively and be drastically appreciated. This is why USD has rocketed for a while.

Now, imagine what will happen, when the above shown Korean financial collapse will come. This could trigger off the whole mechanism and shows us that we will have reached “the point of no return”. Waiting for this historical turn around of the world order, let’s relax and think of the unthinkable future together…


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      1. Harada Sensei, we are alredy in the period of Shemitah; Sept. 25, 2014 to Sept. 13, 2015(Jonathan Cahn)…although nobody is talking about these in Japan….

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