Endgame of Hong Kong’s Legend

Uprising of student power in HK is still continuing. The global macro is obviously affected by what’s going on there. Western mass media have been trying to explain it in accordance with clichés such as “democracy vs. communism” and the majority of us seems to believe that. Nevertheless, there are some essential points you may not forget in this context as follows:

First of all, the government of PRC already agreed with the City of London on endorsing the latter’s idea to abandon HK as one of the most important financial centres in Asia. Click this URL and study what’s declared in the paper. In order to celebrate publishing of this paper, the Chatham House held a seminar in Shanghai jointly with the CEIBS.  I personally attended the seminar and this is why I know the importance of this paper.  Even a high-ranking official of the US Treasury was also there.

In this paper, the City of London strongly doubts the future of HK as Asia’s financial centre. Instead, the City clearly prefers Shanghai with Beijing as the political decision motor of PRC. The National Development and Reform Committee picked up this idea and reaffirmed it in 2009. Now, you see a joint venture among PRC, the City of London and even US for the sake of Shanghai.

To reinforce the project, the current financial centres in this region must be kicked out. This is the hidden agenda of the self-proclaimed “student power” in HK.  Besides HK, the Singaporean have been also struggling to survive.

Secondly, you might believe the tragedy of the Tinanmen Square will never be repeated in HK, since the People’s Liberation Army isn’t officially stationed there.

To tell the truth, the uprising will easily be repressed by PLA in an instant. One of its most important headquarters is located in Shenzhen, even though it’s given a false name of cultural institution. Once the leadership of PRC will make up its mind, HK will be automatically the second Tinanmen Square. At this stage, the self-proclaimed student power, which is partly supported by financial assistance of USG, can’t dream of its historical victory.

IF THE STUDENT PROTEST WILL BE OVERWHELMED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERMENT AND PLA ON THIS WEEKEND, THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL MARKET WILL COLLAPSE DRAMATICALLY ON THE NEXT MONDAY. Amid the chaos ahead, you’ll have to consider in which direction the capital flight will go from HK: Shanghai? Singapore?? Or even Tokyo??


Last but not least, you may be still wondering why PRC agreed on replacing Asia’s financial centre from HK to Shanghai, even though HK must be very convenient for Beijing’s leadership.

Please don’t forget it’s not the government of PRC but traditional human network of transboundary Chinese powerful houses that matter. The latter’s centre was located in Taiwan and is situated in Yunnan Province, which is, of course, never disclosed to the public. Any official or western state power is capable of getting control over it, while the Japan’s hard core has been closely related to the network. During the WWII, USG called Japan “a black dragon society”.  Yes, “dragon” is the symbol which connects members of this human network.

Anyway, the legendary age of HK will come to an end soon. Stay tuned.

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