Are You Prepared for the “X-Day”??

In principle, I don’t care what other self-proclaimed “experts” and “analysts” say in terms of coming trends in the financial market. Instead, I’ve just concentrating on what I feel and anticipate with my “six” senses.

Nevertheless, I sometimes come across few people who can potentially share fundamental thoughts and ideas on market with me. One of them is currently Ms. Kiana Danial whose brandnew video is shown above.

Besides details of her report, I find it extremely remarkable that she describes trends in the currency market as “dance” of currencies: When a pair of certain two currencies steps forward on the stage, others automatically step backward. This is exactly what I’ve recommended you, dear readers, to focus on: Le Chatlier’s principle, which gurus in the international financial market such as the House of Rothschild follow.

When you look at the market, you simply believe the total volume of wealth there continues to grow. However, the truth is it’s invariable: If an asset class starts to rocket, another one inevitably begins to fall. What you should do is not to keep eyes on upwards trends but to look at the marked as a whole. What you can do is only to keep the total amount of your wealth, when you reach a certain high stage in wealth management. In this regard, I find terribly important what Kiana’s report usually points out to you (By the way, her Jewish Iranian origin itself is extremely interesting for those who want to get to know the world in depth, I believe.)

Getting back to “trends ” of the market, my closest alliance partner, “Mr. HKD”, sent me the latest result of his statistical analysis in terms of the stock market in NY as follows:


//////////// RISK_ON ///////////////////////////////////
20141009    0.038866435    -1    17061.48    over 67.26
20141010    0.038983699    -1    17227.43    over 568.18
20141013    0.039100831    -1    17182.17    over 522.92
20141014    0.039217832    -1    17153.34    over 494.09
20141015    0.039334701    -1    17003.21    over 343.96
20141016    0.039451439    -1    16995.44    over 336.19
20141017    0.039568045    -1    17080.68    over 421.43
20141020    0.03968452    -1    17060.91    over 401.66
20141021    0.039800862    -1    16867.96    over 208.71
20141022    0.039917072    -1    17042.21    over 382.96
*20141023    0.04003315    -1    16688.96    over 29.71
20141024    0.040149095    -1    16688.24    over 28.99
20141027    0.040264908    -1    16687.53    over 28.28
20141028    0.040380588    -1    16686.95    over 27.7
20141029    0.040496136    -1    16686.49    over 27.24
20141030    0.040611551    -1    16685.9        over 26.65
20141031    0.040726833    -1    16685.56    over 26.31


Hmmm… Now, you see the next sea change will come apparently on October 23, even though the last version of his analysis regarded “Octotber 17” as the critical data. I personally think we should still be careful on both 17 and 23 of October, especially when you look at the Japanese stock and currency market.

The point is rather what will happen on these two dates. Statistics never tell us the “meaning” of what they show us as critical dates as shown above. At his latest speech at the UN general assembly, US President Obama gave us some hints on what will occur on the “X-Day”: He clearly named “Ebola virus”, “Islamic State (IS)” and “Russia” as three enemies of the international community.



What, if Ebola virus would begin to kill thousands of people in US and Europe, while retaliation of the IS would start by massive terrorism all over the world? What, if Russian President Putin would still refuse to join the so-called “coalition” against the IS and kick off his campaign to blame his US-American counterpart Obama for the beginning of the third world war?

Anyway, you have to expect something decisive will take place on either 17 or 23 of this month. Please don’t forget a shock in the very near future will prepare for quite new and upward trend of an asset class afterwards. In this context, I stick to “Pax Japonica” and continue my own operation to boost the Japanese style of innovation, which will dramatically change the whole world. Stay tuned.


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