Do You Know Where You’re Going to?


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At the dawn of 2015, I’m thinking of two scenarios which will be realized between now and the very near future. In the previous post, I touched upon the scenario called “Bloody Christmas Eve”. That simply means everything will be upside down in the financial market plus world affairs from the forthcoming Christmas Eve, December 24. This thesis results from usual mixture between my qualitative analysis and quantitative one thanks to my closest alliance partner, Mr. HKD.


Nevertheless, we’re still wondering whether there is another option in terms of the next sea change to be seen towards the beginning of 2015. This is based on the fact the Russian current crisis is obviously over, while Putin and Obama seem to have agreed on some essential issues on the globe as follows:


-Russia gave up Cuba, which now declared to start negotiation to normalize its relationship with US. The Cuban Missile Crisis finally ends.

-Instead of securing Cuba as its sphere of influence, US had to accept a Russian and Iranian demand to make peace with the Assad regime in Syria.


These are related not only to geopolitics, but to the global macro (=in- and outflow of capital on the globe) so far as the Vatican is concerned. As for the former at least, the previous and current Popes have never hesitated to show their endeavor to reconcile US and Cuba. And as you know, whenever the Vatican moves, money goes around. Thanks to massive investment from US, Cuba will flourish economically as its safe haven.


Yes, it’s a kind of the famous “Monroe Doctrine” the Obama administration is now revitalizing: “European friends, don’t touch the American continent. We don’t care yours (= other continents).” Based on a highly confidential information I’ve got in a closed human network in Tokyo, the House of Rothschild decided to focus on the South America as its safe haven from now on. Everything US does leads and will lead to contributions to realize this project. Let’s see what will occur in this regard.


Getting back to the Middle East, US recognition of the Assad regime as the authentic regime automatically expels poor rebels against it out of the Syrian border. For them, there is indeed only one option left: Joining the ISIS to fight against the Westerners.


The point is the so-called Islamic State obviously begins to target the Israelis: The main stream of its military force gradually goes south, while its colleagues are said to have settled down in the Sinai Peninsula with silent approval of the Egyptians. In the course of time, they will begin a pincer attack against Israel. PM Netanyahu in Tel Aviv will be forced to decide whether he should attack them preemptively, even before the general election in March, 2015.

The above mentioned south stream of the ISIS implies it additionally intends to invade Saudi Arabia. Once such an offensive will begin, it will escalate into the WWIII everybody in the world fears of. Please don’t forget an open source saying the ISIS could have acquired WMDs in the Syrian and Iraqi borders. Because the Israelis and Saudis are in the same boot in this mean, they will de facto collaborate to eliminate the Islamic State even without their mutual diplomatic relationship. Anyway, the New Middle East will emerge…


As the loyal proxy of the Westerners, Jordan now put a proposal on the table of UN: The Israelis shall withdraw from all the colonies they illegally keep occupying since 1967. Now, the issue is whether Israel will obey the golden principle; “The sooner, the better”.


In another battle field called “OPEC”, the Iranians, a hidden proxy of US and UK, begins to cry for the limitation of oil production. Now, the time has come when the Saudis have to make a final decision: Whether they should compromise to let the oil price soar moderately for the sake of Russian and US oil-based economies, in order to secure their own safety against the ISIS.


To wrap up, it is the price of gold that matters: If it will go up simultaneously with indices of WTI and DOW, that means the WWIII will have begun in ME as described above. In fear of Islamic terrorist attacks in both US and Europe, USD and EUR will dramatically collapse, while JPY as the safe haven will rocket. Equities of all the advanced economies will fall dramatically. (PLAN A)


If the further soar of equities and WTI will precede the gold booming, you have to understand another scenario is needed: By pressure of the Westerners, the Saudis will be forced to ask other OPEC members to limit oil production. In this case, the ISIS will attack only both Israel and certain “Jewish-dominated” cities in US. USD will dramatically fall, and that will lead to massive appreciation of JPY, for example. All the equities in the advanced economies will collapse, even though the oil price will keep high. Of course, Putin will survive. (PLAN B)


I myself keep eyes on what Gorbachev said to the public recently: “US needs Perestroika.” Other than in 2001 (“9.11”), a series of Islamic terrorist attacks will arouse sympathy of greater part of US citizens on the street. For them, it’s not the IS but the US traditional regime as such that matters. Russia and China will take advantage of this sea change in the US public opinion and secretly support a crusade for “New America”. US will be demolished as USSR was done in 1990s. The world order especially in terms of the global macro will be drastically changed.


Well, guys, the final question to you is: “Do you know where you’re going to?”



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