In February, 2015…The Final Decision Will Be Made



In Japan, yesterday (December 26) was de facto the final working day in most manufacturers. Although I, CEO and Representative of an independent think tank dedicated to analyze the global-macro with geopolitical risks, will still have to work on the next Monday, I’ve been just thinking of what I have done and should have done in the year 2014 which is now passing by.


Among many events and issues, the most significant one is, without doubt, the story on combatting tritiated water in the Fukushima Dai’ichi Nuclear Plant. Picking up a genuine Japanese high technology to be applied to completely solve this problem, I underlined the necessity of technological breakthrough in the Japanese society. Nevertheless, I simply faced disgusting slanders of those who actually don’t have any knowledge on the cutting-edge technology and frontier of Physics and Chemistry. While bearing critics without any evidences at first hand, my institute and I have been working on fostering the technological development by connecting the people in charge with others related to final solution.


The vivid sea change has emerged, as the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy suddenly announced its fifth public appeal to gather relevant technologies to solve the on-going emittance of tritiated water from the nuclear plant in Fukushima. The above mentioned high technology was applied and said to be primarily accepted. I’ve just informed that the authority will hold a closed-door hearing on February 6, 2015, to decide whether it will pick it up officially or not. That is to say, the “moment of the truth” in this regard will come in the middle of February in 2015.


Because of both unprecedented innovativeness and political, economic and social impacts of this high technology, it’s not bureaucrats or single minister but PM Shinzo ABE that has to make the final decision. Everybody knows his famous “ABENOMICS” obviously lacks the third “arrow”, that is to say, fostering technological breakthrough to boost the national economic growth in Japan. Beyond detoxifying of tritiated water in Fukushima, the brandnew technology can be used for lots of purposes, such as production of hydrogen without emittance of greenhouse effect cases. That will, of course, create jobs massively in Japan.


Nowadays, many CEOs of global companies love to refer to “CSV (=Created Social Value)” as the most essential principle of corporate management. By supporting the high technology, our institutes never aims at getting profits directly. By fostering the right things, we’ve got much more social prestige. That’s it. As one corporate activity of this kind, I thoroughly briefed on this technology face to face to those person who is indispensable for PM ABE’s daily life. As far as I’ve been informed, PM ABE now knows the existence of it, however, declines to intervene in the process directly.


I’m afraid that the high technology will be recognized as authentic but not accepted officially, as the national expert committee on nuclear issues repeatedly recommends that the tritiated water should be emitted to the Pacific Ocean based on previous theories. In addition, a clandestine report of western intelligence pointed out to me that the tritiated water has been already released to the ocean without any public acceptance. This is also quite typical in the Japanese bureaucratic society: “Facts precede decisions.”




Anyway… In the middle of February in the next year, the final decision will be made on whether Japan will survive or not. May the God bless Japan and the world’s future generations.


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