The Next “X-Day”.


Since the North and South in the Korean Peninsula has resumed their “reconciliation process” recently, almost nobody in the world seems to believe any geopolitical incident will take place there. Instead, the situation would get better and better, while DPRK promised to dispatch its team even to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the forthcoming February, we firmly believe. Even US led by D. Trump agreed with ROK on suspension of their joint military excercise during the Winter Olympic Games.

However, one significant thing should be never forgot, when it comes to an issue of genuine “intelligence”: Shodow men in the intelligence world always love to walk on the street where other ordinary people don’t choose.  Applying this principle to the current situation, we’re now urged to reach the tentative conclusion that February ahead might include the next “X-Day”.

Imagine what would take place one after another, when a severe terrorist attack with WMD would heavily damage the Olympic Games. The people in the South simply stick to “wishful thinking” that the North would never attack PyeongChang during the Winter Olympics, which should be, form their innocent viewpoint as usual, regarded as the festival of the whole Korean nation.  But fot the North, the situation could be completely different. The Olympic Games could be the very best place where the North’s self-proclaimed “nuclear force” would be showed up to the global community effectively.

For US, even a smaill incident of terrorism in PyeongChang would give her a very good reason to militarily attack DPRK, by arguing that would be the most effective “preemptive” attack to save the whole world. Of course, within 72 hours, US would completely succeed to win the battle of the “Korean Peninsula”, which would give desireble impetus to D. Trump for the mid-term election.

Well, guys, stay alarmed. Particularly in East Asia including my country, Japan, accelerated procurment of foods and goods for your own safety is urgently needed. Keep in mind nobody helps you when a severe “nuclear” incident occurs in the neiborhood. In advance, I give you herewith a friednly advice.



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