Novum scire. A Future Scenario.

Novum Scire_Cover

Today, we proudly announce to release our institute’s new scenario entitled “Novum scire”. The Institute of International Strategy anf Information Analysis, Inc., IISIA, releases its strategic and risk scenario for both corporates and retail customers twice a year. This year’s first issue, “Novum scire”, or “Learn somthing new”, includes particularly the following issues:
-The future of the global monetary system. The eternal war between “debt currency” versus “public money” ahead?
-The strategy of the Japanese Imperial House and its secret assets. The continuous and future role of gold.
-Cryptocurrency and Bloackchain: Be prepared for Bitcoin 2.0? The tokenized economy and beyond.
-Why “Pax Japonica” in the very near future? Sovereign crisis and its outcome for the global community.
Check it out with this URL and join us to anticipate the very near future.

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