The X-Day is February 15, 2018.


Because I’m etremely busy with handling all the issues forming the new world order ahead, please forgive me to write down only the following several messages to you:

The X-Day is Februarry 15, 2018. Whether we’ll face “bloody PyoengChang” or not, is really matters. If the reconciliation process between the North and South in the Korean Peninsula, as we’re currently believeing to see through mass media, would go forward without any difficulties and disruptive events,  the previous world order would be actually worsened despite of our hope and expectation. It seems that the ruling world leaders behind the door are now forced to make their mind whether they should sacrifice PyoengChang or not.

Last but not the least: Our life goes on, even though the worse version shown above would turn out to be realized. If so, a PLAN B would be urgently needed for the better world. Stay tuned.


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