Known but Unknown “Le Chaterlier’s Principle”

While you’ve intensively read through my previous posts, you must now have the same feeling as I have: “Finally, the Moment of the Truth will have come.” To make all the things short, I begin with showing you the following chart of the Nikkei 225:


You can find the index has just started to go up recently. It’s really so remarkable that we should at first remember “Le Chatelier’s principle”. The key point of this principle is quite simple:

“If a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a change in concentration, temperature, volume, or partial pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to counteract the imposed change and a new equilibrium is established.”

That’s it The principle is not limited to be applied to chemistry but valid for the universe including the human society. Of course, the financial market is always controlled by  “The Equilibrium Law”.

Now, let’s go back to the Japanese market. Someone pushed the Nikkei 225 upwards very enthusiastically. Based on the fact, we can easily anticipate in accordance with the principle the market will collapse drastically in the near future.

My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” has just sent me the following result of his statistical analysis on the Nikkei 225:

20131114    1    14663.77    under 96.61
20131115    1    14544.48    under -331.93
20131118    1    14440.35    under -436.06
20131119    1    14454.37    under -422.04
20131120    1    14539.7      under -336.71
20131121    1    14446.37    under -430.04
20131122    1    14331.57    under -544.84
20131125    1    14465.04    under -411.37
20131126    1    14728.02    under -148.39
20131127    1    14706.98    under -169.43
*20131128    -1    15003.57   under 127.16
20131129    -1    15003.87    over 127.46
20131202    -1    15004        over 127.59
20131203    -1    15005.28    over 128.87
20131204    -1    15005.7    over 129.29
20131205    -1    15006.35    over 129.94

As far as the Nikkei 225 is concerned, “the moment of the truth” would come on November 28. In addition, his analysis on other indices clearly shows the whole story would begin with higher price of gold:

-Between November 21 and 22, gold will go up at first in the world market.

-Indices of crude oil such as WTI would follow it between November 25 and 26.

-NY30 would collapse between November 26 and 27.

-Finally, all the movements would lead to a drastic correction of the Nikkei 225 between November 27 and 28.

Because the scenario would be kicked off by the uprising of gold and WTI prices, I firmly believe the Great Middle East War would break out on November 25/26. Either the Israeli IDF would be given a command to attack Iran, or even the Saudis would show its nuclear capability to the world community. Just keep in mind the main hidden target of this war, or the WW III, is not Israel or Iran, but Saudi Arabia, which would be forced to be fragmented as the following map “The New Middle East” indicates:


During the war, Europe and the United States would be involved without any exceptions, while Japan would be saved as a safe haven in lack of historical connection to the Middle East. “Le Chatelier’s Principle” would be applied for the case at this stage: Because the rest of the world would go down, Japan would go up to keep the equilibrium of the world community.

Anyway, the act call is ringing. Just take a seat and imagine how smoothly the world would be changed one by one, as Mme. Grimaud’s Chaconne is. Enjoy.

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