Who’s Bad? Poor Saudis!

This morning, I just woke up and found an article regarding the current stage of the on-going seven-party talks in Geneva.  The Russian decided to dispatch Foreign Minister Lawrov to the negotiation. That clearly indicates the negotiation could have reached a crucial moment. All the delegates would let their foreign ministers get together again to sign a tentative agreement on Iranian nuclear issues.

To be honest, potential results of the talks as such won’t have any decisive meaning, I must say. Because the real “enemy” of the western powers seems to have been predecided. The target is apparently Saudi Arabia, which would eliminated at the end of the whole story.

According to an Israeli intelligence report, the Iranian government still persists two conditions must be satisfied for the sake of its further nuclear development: The one is a silent approval for construction of a heavy water reactor in Arak. Another is the Iranian should be entitled to develop their own nuclear capacities for peaceful purposes.

The point is every expert knows the heavy water reactor, which the Iranian claim to construct, will produce plutonium as a by-product, while it can be used for production of nukes. Of course, such an accord will anger the Israelis and Saudis, which have been declaring the Iranian nuclear capacity must be not only terminated but also totally eliminated in a style of Syrian chemical weapon. In the end, the Israeli IDF will be given an order to preemptive attack to Iranian nuclear facilities, while the Saudis will assist it by lending their military airport to the Israelis. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard will therefore primarily strike back at the poor Saudis by their high-tech missiles. The Great Middle East War will break out and lead to catastrophic fragmentation of the regional power since the oil shock in the 1970’s. Let’s say, “Good-bye, the poor Saudis!.”

If the on-going negotiation will fail to reach an agreement, the result of the whole story will never be changed. Based on the fact that an international obligation won’t stand yet, the Iranian will continue to develop their nuclear capacities and even show them to the world community. That can’t be tolerated by the Israelis and Saudis.

You may wonder why I just pointed out not Israel but Saudi Arabia will be final victim of the scenario. I strongly recommend you to take a look at the hidden nuclear strategy of the Saudis since the late 1980’s. While facing nuclear development of the Israelis and Iranian, which have been allegedly either tolerated or supported by the US, the Saudis seem to have made their mind to go for the nukes. The only mistake they made was their outsourcing strategy in this regard: Saudi Arabia gave a huge amount of money to Iraq and Pakistan to let them develop atomic bombs. Before they successfully completed the mission, former authorities of the both countries were demolished by the US military. On the contrary to the tragedy, the original causes of Saudis concerns don’t vanish, while the US still tolerate de facto nuclear capacities of both the Israelis and Iranian.  Now, you see who have been the real alliance partners of the USG beyond any stage effects.

The question left now is when the war would break out and affect the financial market drastically. My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, sent me a message, as usual, with his statistical analysis on various indices. One of them is on the Nikkei 225, which I show you below:

20131122    1    14508.5      under  -857.1
20131125    1    14615.93    under -765.79
20131126    1    14826.19    under -555.53
20131127    1    14804.84    under -576.88
20131128    1    15050.38    under -331.34
20131129    1    15321.89    under -59.83
20131202    1    15319.41    under -62.31
20131203    1    15276.75    under -104.97
20131204    1    15220.71    under -161.01
*20131205    -1    15525.65   under 143.93
20131206    -1    15546.74    over 165.02
20131209    -1    15548.98    over 167.26
20131210    -1    15551.81    over 170.09
20131211    -1    15554.68    over 172.96
20131212    -1    15557.25    over 175.53

The statistics tentatively say, “December 5, 2013” would be “the moment of the truth”. At this stage, my “adaptive unconscious” tells me a collapse of the market would be postponed to late February or early March of the next year, when this newly indicated date would be skipped again.

Anyway, the whole story must go back to the original antagonism between the Arabs and Western Christians since the medieval time. As the representative of the Arabs, the Saudis will be eliminated by the US, which now pretends to forget its ressentiment since the oil shock in the 1970’s caused by the OPEC. The world history will move forward at the sacrifice of the poor Saudis…

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