Postponed Again… Don’t Say Lazy!

On the last Saturday, I visited Kyoto. It was so amazing for me because I found a tiny but very impressive shrine in the city: In the oldest Zen temple called “Kenninji” in Gion, there is a shrine with “Marici”, a god from India. From the medieval time, Japanese warriors, or “Samurais”, prayed to this god for their victory. Besides that, the Marici-Shrine in Kyoto is quite famous for its status as the headquarter of the protective god “Marici” of those who were born in the year of “wild boar” according to Chinese/Japanese traditional calendar. I personally was born in 1971, a year of “wild boar”, therefore felt fully protected by visiting the shrine..

In the shrine, I consulted an oracle as usual. It said, “You should sell all the equities you have. The market will sharply collapse soon. Hurry up!”

God of Marici

Although the god advised me to do so, the world calendar seems to have been rewritten again, and “the moment of the truth” I pointed out several times in this weblog was apparently postponed for max. 6 months. The Japanese equity market has already reflected such a change of the world community.

Nikkei225_20131130My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” suggested some European pension funds seem to have massively bought Japanese equities on November 12. US hedge funds, which had preferred short selling so far in the Japanese market was then astonished and followed the European friends. As the German finally decided for a grand coalition between the CDU/CSU and SPD, euro was bought to such an extent as the fall of JPY affected positively the Japanese stock market. “There must be a target in the Japanese market for the Europeans”, Mr. “HKD” wrote to me.

The question is now, “What is this target?” and “When will the next sea change occur?”. My adaptive unconscious clearly says as follows:

-Because the western powers with Israel and Iran failed to push the Saudis, their true enemies, into a fatal war, which should have been begun between Israel and Iran, they changed their position in accordance with a “Plan B”. The war will then start in late May or early June of the next year. This “Plan B” was originally written in a paper released by the Brookings Institution in 2009.  This maneuver is therefore not an accident but involved in a grand strategy of the western powers from the beginning of the whole story, I suppose.

-The point is, we can suddenly enjoy a relatively risk-free phase from now till late May/early June in 2014. Why don’t we take advantage of the Japanese inflation policy to make huge profits in the Japanese stock market? The Europeans, especially Swiss and German financiers, obviously made up their minds to bid up the Japanese equities, while their own economies gradually have begun to got in to a serious deflation from this winter.

-In short, the moment of the truth will come in 6 months. However, please don’t forget another geopolitical risk around the DPRK. If it will be given an order from the City of London, for example, it will immediately launch its ballistic missile over Japan, which will surely cause a dramatic collapse of the Japanese and world stock markets. That will be called “the Japan Clash” instead of “the Japan Rush/Bubble”.

Anyway, you may now wonder why the western powers postponed all the things and decided to wait and see. Maybe, it’s due to current erratic solar activities. In addition, the comet ISON just vanished. Nobody can precisely predict how the universe will shake us for the next time.

So, please don’t say we’re lazy. All the things really depend on the ultimate something in the universe, which will surely begin to move forward from the next year.

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