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“Moment of the Truth” Has Come in Pyongyang?



Recently, some Japanese mass media approached me on the so-called research panel on Japanese abductees by DPRK. The GOJ officially announced it will hold a DG-level meeting with DRRK through diplomatic channel on July 1 and discuss this issue, even though the both sides already had got together from this week in Beijing and begun the discussion inofficially. While I was asked by reporters how I, as a member of so-called  Japanese “YABUNAKA-mission” dispatched to Pyongyang in November 2004, feel now, I just recalled the then deputy DG, Akitaka SAIKI, was used to say, “Has the moment of the truth come?”.  Yes, it’s true that we have to make sure whether DPRK has really decides beforehand to move forward, while we have to hold a meeting with its delegation. The point is we apparently lacks any kind of direct contacts with the decision maker’s level, so that DPRK always abuses asymmetric information vis‐à‐vis Japan.

By the way, Mr. SAIKI, one of my former bosses explained his counterpart some of Japanese victims of abduction conducted allegedly by Kim Jong Il were killed, as the Wikileaks revealed a related cable of US diplomatic service as follows:

S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 03 TOKYO 002197



TOKYO 00002197 001.2 OF 003

Classified By: Deputy Chief of Mission James P. Zumwalt, Reasons 1.4 (b ) and (d)

1. (S) SUMMARY: Assistant Secretary of State (A/S) for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell met with Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Director General (DG) of the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau Akitaka Saiki at the latter’s Tokyo office on September 18.

– – – – – – – – –
Abductions Issue
– – – – – – – – –

4. (S) Saiki lamented that the DPRK believes that 2002 was “a mistake”–referring to when North Korea admitted that it had abducted Japanese citizens. The DG said he believed that the DPRK had killed some of the missing abductees, and explained that the fate of Megumi Yokota was the biggest issue, since she was still relatively young (in her forties) and the public was most sympathetic to her case. He believed that some of the abductees were still alive. Saiki was

TOKYO 00002197 002.2 OF 003

concerned that the new minister in charge of abductions, Hiroshi Nakai, was a hardliner. Saiki concluded by saying the Japanese needed to sit down with the North Koreans to decide how to make progress on the abductions issue, and that the new Japanese government would be just as attentive as the Liberal Democratic Party was to the problem.


Just to anticipate results of the above mentioned DG-level meeting in Beijing, I want to write down the following things for the sake of my former colleagues in charge:

– DON’T GET CONFUSED BY BELIEVING THERE WERE AN UNOFFICIAL CHANNEL WITH KIM JONG UN WHICH DELIEVERED HIS TRUE MESSAGE TO JAPAN. The MOFA led by Mr. SAIKI is said to have assured itself of DPRK’s honest attitude, when it recognized appearance of a man on the DPRK side in the previous meeting in Stockholm who might belong to intelligence agency in charge of abduction issues. However, it’s a typical maneuver of DPRK to show “good cop and bad cop”. Besides Kim Jong Un, there isn’t any leadership in DPRK who can truly make a decision. Every single “channel” leads to him. Don’t forget it.

– IT’S THE MONEY BURIED UNDER THE BUILDING OF THE GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF KOREAN RESIDENTS IN JAPAN THAT MATTERS. DPRK still holds a huge amount of money under this building, which was once successfully bidded by a Japanese company called MARUNAKA HLD. Before Japanese treasure hunters, the National Tax Agency, will come to find it, DPRK urgently needs to get it back and dispatch to Pyongyang. For that, a sea route from Niigata by the legendary “Mangyongbong-92” must be reopened with official permission of the Japanese authority. As long as the transfer will continue, DPRK is willingly to talk with Japan. When it will be finished, the North Koreans will surely refuse to move forward. So, it’s only money that matters.

– DON’T FORGET A HIDDEN CONDUCTOR BEHIND THE SCENE. Although Japanese mass media just skipped to report as usual, a RUSI delegation just began to visit to Pyongyang this week. The RUSI (Royal United Service Institute) officially announced it had begun its cooperative relationship with DPRK since 2001 by accepting a research fellow in London.  Just before the above mentioned bilateral talks with Japan in Beijing, DPRK is given by UK an opportunity to be quite well briefed on what really happens in the world and British intentions and strategies. The British monarchy is on the brink of fatal collapse and fears potential rising of its historical rival in the Far East: the Japanese Imperial Family. In order to evade it, the British monarchy tries to repeat its tactics to break previous the status quo in this region and involve Japan with her neighbors. Remember the Great Britain abandoned its traditional foreign policy called “Splendid isolation” by establishing its historical alliance with the Empire of Great Japan in 1902. Now, UK pursues the quite same approach to make an alliance with Japan, which is, of course, an intrigue.

– DPRK WAS ESTABLISED NOT BY THE KOREANS BUT BY A CONCERTED ACTION OF JAPAN AND THE SOVIET UNION TO MAKE A BUFFER STATE ON THE PENINSULA. One of my closest friends related to hidden networks of Japanese veterans with intelligence service once told me we must focus on what alumni of the former Imperial Military Academy in Japan did just before the end of the WWII. In order to keep US involved in Asian affairs forever, Japan needed a puppet which always troubles the American. By doing so, Japan succeeded to let US provide her with security assurance, while UK couldn’t intervene in this region in principle. This is why US always sought direct negotiation with DPRK. Its goal has been to terminate the game.

– IT’S NOT NUCLEAR BUT COAL OF GOOD QUALITY IN DPRK THAT WILL MATTER IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Even though the Japanese society still continues to discuss whether nuclear power or other conventional energy should be chosen, international experts have gradually become aware of the possible winner of current energy competition. It’s COAL, and DPRK has been very famous known as producer of  bituminous coal of good quality since the Japanese colonial period.

In short, Japan has to handle this issue not from short-sighted position but comprehensively. DPRK is one of tricks done by Japanese imperial fighters for the sake of their descendants. One may not abuse this mechanism to enable his own political survival like Prime Minisiter Abe does currently. Not politicians but only the very hard core of Japanese traditional power can make a decision on whether the moment of truth in this regard comes.



Mercy, Mercy Me!

This week, I’ve been in principle staying in Tokyo rarely, while I’m recalling my journey in Argentina in the last October. In Buenos Aires, her capital located far away from Tokyo, I met local “amigos”. The one was father, financier and author, and another was his son, and also financier. Although it was 8 months ago, I can still remember vividly what they told me: Argentina is intentionally heading to technical default, and the year “2015” will be awfully critical for her.

The reason why I visited there was quite simple. I just wanted to feel how it breezed there, while a hidden strategy of the Vatican for the sake of Israel had been realized step by step.

What is this “hidden strategy of the Vatican”? In my previous book entitled “Rush to Japan”, I deeply referred to this issue once. The strategy seems to consist of the following three parts:

– Massive transfer of “Nazi Gold” to Argentina, which her government hasn’t brought back to original possessor.

– Provision of Uranium by Argentina to Israel, which has led to instability of the Middle East

– Removal of Israel to Argentina, after the former will have declared fatal war against Iran and be defeated.

Therefore, it’s not just a technical default but switchover of nations that matters in Argentina. In her capital, Buenos Aires, you can easily understand what I mean, when you encounter Jewish residents and their big synagogues there.

Mme President Kirchner also seems to know quite well what her country is actually facing. In order to secure transfer of power for the sake of her own group of local elites, she can’t help coping with the Vatican. Otherwise, she will immediately lose the power and be politically ruined even before the forthcoming presidential election to be held in 2015, while crying to vulture funds, “Mercy, mercy me!”

For Israel, it’s vitally important that her evacuation will be secured on the occasion of the “regional war” in the Middle East, which the UN anticipated. Israel is given an essential role to initiate this war by attacking Iran preemptively. However, it is not Israel but Saudi Arabia that is finally targeted. Accusing the Saudis of helping the Israelis militarily, Iran will mainly counter the former vehemently, which will bring about an eternal war between the Sunnis and Shiites. As compensation for such a historical adventure, the Vatican will give a new holy land to the Israelis in the southern hemisphere. That’s Argentina.

How about Japan’s reaction to this movement? The GOJ seems not to understand this hidden scenario as a whole, when Prime Minister Abe will skip this new holy land and hot spot of the financial affairs at this critical time. Last year, H. I. H. Prince and Princess Akishino were dispatched to there officially, while Mme President Kirchner couldn’t understand what that really meant. It’s not the Vatican but Japan which she should ask help for her survival, because the former is a shadow author of this hidden scenario.  What we’re now seeing on the globe is final battle between the Vatican (the WEST) and Japan (the EAST). Everybody is gradually forced to choose the one or another.

Anyway… This is just the beginning of the whole story. Let’s see whether the intrigue vaticana would succeed. It’s not appreciation of Japanese Yen but irreversible shift to Pax Japonica that matters.

Illusion of the 3rd (or 4th) Industrial Revolution


Eruption of Sun on 10 June, 2014 (Source: National Geographic)

After participation in the 20th Conference of Montreal by the International Economic Forum of the Americas, I came back to Tokyo yesterday afternoon. The temperature here was 28 degree Celcius. Really hot…

From Montreal, I reported in the latest column on the Japanese version of Yahoo!News that a sun storm would reach the earth within two days. It was not my own illusion but a warning released by the Japanese authority such as NICT that motivated me to do so. While Japanese mass media disregarded it as usual, some western media like the eminent “National Geographic” also reported the unpredictable change of solar activities simultaneously. Again, it’s not an illusion but a reality that something significant has been happening on the sun, which irreversibly continues to affect the earth.


Based on this fact, I totally felt something was wrong with discussions I heard and watched in the above mentioned Conference of Montreal. There were several reasons why I felt and thought so:

First of all, all the panelists, who mainly represent the so-called “Francophonie”, still stuck to a proposition that nothing will be changed in the current world order dominated by the western powers. Having heard that, I wondered whether they are just incapable of recognizing simple facts such as obvious irregularity of solar activities or intentionally say “noble lies”. Even though only few panelists pointed out and implicated fundamental change of the human society, for example, affected by on-going climate change, the majority of discussants there seemed to firmly believe the world would remain as it was.


Secondly, they were, from my point of view, awfully optimistic for the future. Yes, I’m also optimistic basically, especially when I refer to the current dramatic change of the world order to “Pax Japonica” in stead of “Pax Americana”. However, I can not support the narratives generated in western-dominated international conferences and forums such as the Conference of Montreal, which explain the previous inflationary trend of the world economy would continue forever. The main stream in Montreal even argued the world is now heading to the third (or fourth) industrial revolution after turmoil in the financial world since 2007, which is said to reinvent state. Mme Lagarde told what we’re now seeing is not “deflation” but “low-flation”. Well, let’s see what will occur in the forthcoming autumn. In accordance with dramatic changes of the earth and universe, we can’t help just adapting ourselves to new rule of the nature, which will lead to total collapse of the western dominated civilization with previous inflationary economy. In short, what we urgently need is not to attempt artificial industrial revolution but to try to live along with environments to be drastically changed.

Last but not least, it’s really ridiculous for me to find nobody used the world “global” during the conference. In stead of it, almost all the major participants said, “the statehood will remain as it is.” They even argue “reinvention of state”. Hearing their speeches and discussions which were automatically switched between French and English, I just wondered how they used to define the words like “state” and “statehood”. They perhaps equate “being global” with these words and expressions, while the francophonie obviously doesn’t have the very national language. Yes, French is the first “lingua franca” there, but English is also used. Anyway, the people I met in this conference of francophonie were so diverse by nature that they don’t need to deeply think of what “diversity” is. That’s quite different even from the situation in the U. S., where everyone is officially forced to use the single national language.

This time, the earth seems to evade disaster caused by sun storm so far. But you never know it will happen in the near future. Meanwhile, Japanese official money was massively poured in the Japanese stock market yesterday, I heard. As long as fundamental change of the environment won’t come due to relatively stabilized activity of the sun, the world stock market headed by one in Japan will rocket. Please keep in mind the Le Chatelier’s Principle. Only those who are capable of anticipating dramatic change of civilizations due to sun and climate.

On the way back to Tokyo, I watched a legendary Japanese film entitled “Otokowa tsuraiyo” featuring Ms. Kiwako Taichi who represented the Japanese style of feminicity in 1970’s and 80’s. Yes, Japan was once an emerging market. But history never repeats itself as it was. Nevertheless, we must move forward, step by step.


End of American Type of Democracy in Japan?



At the dawn of final stage of the so-called “ABENOMICS”, I can’t help feeling something is wrong. Even though it’s quite obvious that the Japanese stock market is about to soar at least until August, a monstrous being has been emerging.

In addition to the fact the GOJ is secretly trying to prepare for a de facto default of the huge amount of national debt by around 2018 without any public explanation, there is another thing which the ABE administration is just doing by telling a noble lie. It’s regarding the latest announcement to establish a research panel on Japanese abductees by the DPRK.

The government plans to invite North Korean officials to Japan to receive updates and seek more information about Pyongyang’s promised reinvestigation of the whereabouts of Japanese nationals it abducted decades ago, a government source said Sunday.

Japan hopes to move forward on the long-stalled abduction issue by having North Korean officials come to Japan and by sending Japanese officials, including diplomats and members of the National Police Agency, to North Korea, the source said.

Hmm… As long as this reinvestigation of DPRK authorities will continue, Japanese officials will remain in Pyongyang to check the results, I suppose. The point is nobody believes Pyongyang is honest enough to tell the truth to Tokyo. That means this process of reinvestigation will continue forever, while Japanese officials dispatched by the GOJ will be forced to settle down there. This will lead to a kind of permanent representative of the GOJ in Pyongyang, the first step for normalization of diplomatic relationship with the DPRK.

Of course, I have nothing against the GOJ’s attempt to get back the abductees who are still trying to survive in severe circumstances in DPRK. However, the whole process clearly shows deficit of Japanese democracy, while the authority never tells the truth on what it really does to the public.

Now, you may wonder what “democracy” means. It all depends on its definition to evaluate what the ABE administration does is pseudodemocracy or not. The eminent Oxford Dictionaries defines this word as follows:

A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

I think this definition is extremely cynical as far as it covers only appearances of political system called “democracy”. But the heart of democracy lies in traditional belief of western modernity that everybody has reason to always make right decision. As Carl Schmitt correctly pointed out in the context of parliamentarism during the Weimar period, it isn’t the case and democracy in this mean doesn’t work. Behind this perfect definition of democracy, every single ruler made use of “noble lie” to govern in spite of phantom democracy.

After the WWII, the word “democracy” has meant “American type of democracy”, which was established by the Americans for the Japanese people. The former gave political frameworks such as party system from right (LDP) to left (JCP) to the latter, which has been maintained until now.

Now that former Japanese General Toshio Tamogami declared to establish a new conservative party which should stand “on the right side of the ruling LDP”, the above mentioned, given system of Japanese democracy is about to collapse. In fact, large number of Japanese losers due to financial capitalism massively sympathizes with this trend, and they have been already practicing protest by force. Welcome back to the age of terrorism in 1930’s!

While wealthy Japanese people are disgusted by such an apparent trend and evade any kind of politicism, more and more poor people have got enthusiastically involved in radicalism. This erodes the previous Japanese political system based on American type of democracy. On extension line of this story, you can easily see defeat of globalism, temporary triumph of national radicalism and total collapse of humanity.

Maybe, only a drastic change of framework to be given by the universe can prevent from this kind of atavism. A single sun storm is significant enough to do so. In this regard, we must gradually recognize existence of the SYSTEM, which stands above all the things we have done and will do. The SYSTEM or “Zeitgeist” is crying, “Sapere aude! Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen!”