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Soong’s Sisters and End of Petrodollar

3soongFirst of all, I have to thank you all of you, dear readers, for loving to read this column. I’m aware of the fact that friends living all over the world kindly visit this weblog, even though I’ve not certainly met you all face to face.

Some of you might have expected I would pick up a current issue such as “the end of petrodollar”, which is obviously shown in the following chart:


The general meeting of OPEC led by the Saudis neglected the expectation to boost the price of crude oil, because they apparently don’t agree with US on how to redraw new borders in Middle East. With hidden collaboration with Russia, Saudi Arabia has been trying to retaliate against US. The Saudis aim at US Shale companies, which have got financed with high yields. As long as the on-going collapse of WTI-index will continue, they will have to declare their defaults one by one. That will be, of course, NOT soooo good for US, while the majority of the world opinion simply believes dramatic recovery of US economy, which I firmly doubt.

Now, you may argue not US but Russia would be destroyed due to the collapse of oil price. Nevertheless, don’t forget one more single fact: Russian ruble has been depreciated simultaneously, so that the negative oil shock to Russia is indeed weakened.  Putin can pretend as if he were the victim of this negative oil shock, so far as his sovereign wealth fund continues purchase of Russian national bond. In addition to that, he is, as I mentioned, backed by the Saudis. While playing the role as “victim of American financial capitalism”, Putin loudly appeals for the shift to new world order.

Well, this is the cutting edge of “REALPOLITIK” on the globe. Obama will be defeated completely, unless he will accelerate the whole process to begin a “total war” against the Islamists including the Arabs.  As soon as such a total war will be kicked off, US dollar will dramatically collapse, while USG will never let gold reserve of other countries go out. This is why the Russians successfully accumulated their gold reserves recently, and why the Dutch repatriated a part of their gold reserve from the US federal bank in NY.

My closest alliance partner in Japan, Mr. HKD, just pointed out a certain, decisive decision in terms of gold price must have been made on November 6 in this year by those who are essentially concerned in the global market. You may recognize it on the following chart of gold future index in NY:


They say, “When gold moves, the world also moves.” I would say a “violent reversal of the global market” is approaching rapidly. Once it will happen, gold, JPY and crude oil will go up, while USD will collapse dramatically.


Because the situation is so fragile and volatile, I’m now attracted by something which never changes. Imagine what you would do if you would have to control an innumerable amount of gold and precious metals. The point would be how to divide and invest it and keep its value at least.

In this context, I’m very keen to know what strategy and scenario the Soong’s sisters including Madame Soong May-ling followed. When you watch the following movie on the sisters, you can’t find any single fact related to this kind of strategy and scenario because of their complete secrecy.

You may just wonder why the sisters was divided in two groups, two (Ai-ling and May-ling) in Taiwan, and one (Ching-ling) in PRC. It is especially said Ching-ling was too serious woman to accept depravity of capitalism, which I just doubt. Instead, imagine the sisters were intentionally divided, so that their hidden asset could be invested to two Chinas. This is why Ching-ling was promoted to the vice state president at her final career. It’s monery that matters. What a splendid investment strategy they pursued!


In 2003, a woman who was (and is still) very closely related to US American sephardic elites whispered to me:


“The future of US completely depends on how China will move. It’s so clear that nobody can deny it.”


Now that we’re facing the time of petrodollar’s sunset, I finally understand what she meant. In this context, “China” means not PRC but the sisters’ legacy. Imagine what will happen, if the sisters’ asset will move once more in the very near future. Thanks to synchronicity I’ve experiencing in Tokyo currently, I’ve got to know how the fund is controlled in detail and who is in charge of. When an appropriate opportunity will emerge, I’ll write it down here exclusively for you, dear readers. Until then, stay tuned.




The Man Who Knew Too Much.


Sometimes, I just wonder whether we’re happy and satisfied when we get to know truth. Of course, we’re always trying to reach “truth”, however, once you will reach it, you’ll never know whether it’s worth knowing. There are indeed several issues which cause such an overwhelming feeling in my mind. One of them is the so-called “Japan-US alliance”.


Last night, one of my mentors, a true connoisseur of world affairs, asked me the following question in Tsukiji/Tokyo:

“Why do you think Japanese mass media can find out illegal accounting by staffs of Japanese Diet members, however clever it is? Do you really believe folks of Japanese media have enough time to check all the relevant documents to point out violations?”

I know many Japanese journalists and staffs of mass media, who never take a rest. They just work all the day and keep running after someone and something targeted. I hardly believe they have enough time to research one single issue thoroughly. Nevertheless, Japanese politicians are forced to resign one by one due to their financial and sexual scandals.

“Well, to keep the whole system, you need an organizational controller with professional skills. That is located in Nishi-Azabu.”


In this regard, “Nishi-Azabu” means the Akasaka Press Center of US Army. Including this one, US still keeps 8 bases and facilities even in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

What US Army does in these locations, is kept secret, at least to the ordinary Japanese people. As far as I know, staffs working at the Akasaka Press Center are in charge of maintaining political and financial frameworks they set to Japan just after the WWII. Whenever Japanese nationals try to jump out of them, US Army comes up, finds it out and punish them. This is why the above described, illegal accounting of Japanese Diet members are always revealed, even though it is sometimes insignificant errors.

“To be honest, Taro ASO, former PM, is to be targeted after Yuko OBUCHI and Yoichi Miyazawa, Ministers of Economy, Trade and Industry. The investigators in Nishi-Azabu know everything Mr. ASO did in both Tokyo and Kyushu.

Anyway, do you happen to know why Ryuji FUKAYA, former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, just vanished from the political scene, although his popularity in Tokyo was quite high?”


“Sorry, I don’t know and can’t simply imagine why.”

“Mr. FUKAYA got troubled with US… As a symbol of trust in Japanese allegiance to US,  US has deposited a huge amount of money to the account of JIMINTO, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. He volated the unwritten rule on how to treat this hidden asset. I’ll show you written evidences later.”, the mentor said.


Please don’t misunderstand I myself am getting involved in the whole system. To the contrary, I was just thinking of what my mentor doesn’t know or pretends not to know, while I listened to his explanation. As far as I know, what the Japanese Imperial House is quietly trying to do since the last April, is not to keep such a framework since 1945 but to get back (at least) financial force it once had before the WWII. Because the way to do so is just of invisible manner, US seems not to have become of the Imperial plan as a whole. After 2020, not US but Japan will control the whole system.

Thanks to remote viewing, US partly knows what Japan is aiming at. They obviously got to know that around 2002/2003 and tried to find out Japanese people to be in charge of this kind of dramatic change. They either just picked up them and took away from Japanese border, or made the Japanese public forget them and their capability to save Japan. In the last 10 years, this maneuver was entirely successful, I think.

However, the decisive moment has come for the sake of Japan. The on-going hidden war in the financial world, which was kicked off by the historical QE of the BOJ, will lead to Japan’s liberation from US. The ultimate weapon Japan will use, will be her intensive default without any prior notification.


Well… Sometimes, I feel a little bit tired when I’ve got to know too much. Especially everything around truth.



The Time Has Come. “Tritiated Water in Fukushima, Ade!”


Actually, I decided to write my impression and ideas on the forthcoming general election to be held on December 14, 2014 in Japan. However, an eMail has just let me change my mind: Mr. MO, CEO of the Japanese venture dedicated to develop a high technology to detoxify tritiated water from the Fukushima dai’ichi nuclear power plant, wrote to me that the METI suddenly declared (even on Friday!) it begins a public appeal in terms of technologies to solve this fatal issue.  This clearly indicates every technology gathered so far is unfortunately useless to get a breakthrough.

As you know, our institute has been intensively trying to explain the authentisity of the above mentioned high technology to the Japanese public, even though almost all the Japanese mass media disregard such an effort of the institute. Instead, one of the Japanese leading mass media on economy even defamed us, which we never accept.

Those who are involved in this issue clearly know there is only one technology, which could solve it without causing a negative side effect. That’s this high technology I’ve been trying to recommend to the public and Government of Japan. A very famous loboratory at one of the Japanese leading national universities successfully accomplished the verification tests of the technology by using not tritiated but heavy water. The repeatability of the result, which is sometimes pointed out as critical in contexts of verifying new technologies, is scientifically guaranteed as far as heavy water is concerned.  Experts expect detoxifying can also work, when tritiated water is poured into the mechanism developed with this technology.

Anyway, the moment of the truth will have come. Our institute will keep trying to do what should be done in this context.  As soon as the result of the public appeal will be cleared, I’ll write here again. I firmly believe the year 2015 will begin as the very first year of the dramatic change towards “PAX JAPONICA”. Stay tuned.



Negoroji-Temple and the Correct Way to Understand Japan




If you spontaneously understand what the above shown pic is, you don’t need to read what I’m going to write down. This is a photo taken at the Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka. The KIX itself doesn’t matter. What you should concentrate on is rather its location: The Airport is quite famous for being located far away from the center of Osaka. Why?


Before getting further deeply into this issue, I have to say I wrote too much on issues of the current financial capitalism in this column so far. I firmly believe the so-called “PAX JAPONICA” will come even after a series of turbulances in the world community. In order to make all of my dear readers understand why, I should now try to write what genuine Japanese ways have been traditionally. Without any knowledge of them, it’s hardly possible for you to realize what will happen around Japan from now on.





Besides Shintoism, it’s essential to focus of Japanese schools Buddhism, especially “Shingon-Buddhism”. It’s not an accident that bonzes of this school have traditionally accompanied every single person of the Japanese historical leadership. Thanks to hard religious trainings, they are capable of remote viewing Even though the bonzes don’t physically accompany us, they can “see” what happened to us and what our own future will head to. Therefore, it’s indispensable for Japanese leadership to maintain close relationship with bonzes of the Shingon-Buddhism.





In this regard, I find it very remarkable that the Shingon-Buddhism was sometimes much powerful than secular leadership, so that it was frequently targeted as its enemy.  From 1583 to 1597, Father Luis Frois wrote his famous report entitled ” Historia do Japõo or Historia de Japam. It’s one of the most important documents on the Japanese history written from the viewpoint of a westerner. In this report, Frois didn’t hesitate to describe “Denpo-in”, a monastery in the Negoroji-Temple of the Shingon-Buddhism as one of the biggest schools in the world, where more than 3500 Buddhistic students came to study. Because the temple was politically so powerful, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI decided to destroy it completely. Those bonzes who could survive escaped to EDO (called “TOKYO” later) to seek patronage of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA. After he accomplishes unification of the whole country, the Shingon-Buddhism was allowed to expand its territory wherever it wanted, especially in eastern regions of Japan.




Objectively viewing,  this intentionally makes the whole system of the Shingon-Buddhism much more complicated than before: The Negoroji-Temple played a role of the holy of the holies (奥の院)compared with the Mount Koya, at which everybody thinks the center of the Shingon-Buddhism to be located. Nevertheless, it’s not true. It’s the former that matters. Every important holy documents of this school is preserved in the Negoroji-Temple, as a preventive measure against any possible accidents at the Mount Koya. Furthermore, a lot of bonzes at the highest level pay visits not to the Mount Koya but to the Negoroji-Temple to discuss together, even though they belong to other Buddhistic schools such as Tendai.

Outsiders don’t have any opportunities to get closer to this reality, while the majority of decisive bonzes related to this temple live quite far way of NEGORO. The most important one, Shinkyo SEKINE, the patriarch of the temple, lives in Tokyo. Not in NEGORO. Every time important Buddhistic events take place seasonally, the bonzes get together there to pray and discuss. After that, they just vanish.


This multiplicity is the most essential part of the Japanese traditional systems. To hide the very core of systems from potential enemies, the Japanese always keep opaque structures. Not a single part but the whole system does work as a network.  If you’re foreigners, don’t forget to grasp it as a whole. Otherwise, you will easily lose sight of what you actually want to see.




Last but not least, don’t forget to watch out geographic positions of both the Negoroji-Temple and KIX.  Every important bonzes of Japanese Buddhistic schools use the airport, whenever they have to gather, they say. There is no accident in the world. An accident is what we just believe it to be so.

Can you finally understand how the Japanese politics make a decision of essential infrastructures? This is what foreigners call “structural problems/impediments” and has still protected Japan against attacks of foreign barbarism.


The Japanese way to survive is to make everything opaque. To remain brave, you need a “structure” in Japan. This rule can be applied also to what’s happening in the real politics and economy in Japan recently.