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Postponed Again… Don’t Say Lazy!

On the last Saturday, I visited Kyoto. It was so amazing for me because I found a tiny but very impressive shrine in the city: In the oldest Zen temple called “Kenninji” in Gion, there is a shrine with “Marici”, a god from India. From the medieval time, Japanese warriors, or “Samurais”, prayed to this god for their victory. Besides that, the Marici-Shrine in Kyoto is quite famous for its status as the headquarter of the protective god “Marici” of those who were born in the year of “wild boar” according to Chinese/Japanese traditional calendar. I personally was born in 1971, a year of “wild boar”, therefore felt fully protected by visiting the shrine..

In the shrine, I consulted an oracle as usual. It said, “You should sell all the equities you have. The market will sharply collapse soon. Hurry up!”

God of Marici

Although the god advised me to do so, the world calendar seems to have been rewritten again, and “the moment of the truth” I pointed out several times in this weblog was apparently postponed for max. 6 months. The Japanese equity market has already reflected such a change of the world community.

Nikkei225_20131130My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” suggested some European pension funds seem to have massively bought Japanese equities on November 12. US hedge funds, which had preferred short selling so far in the Japanese market was then astonished and followed the European friends. As the German finally decided for a grand coalition between the CDU/CSU and SPD, euro was bought to such an extent as the fall of JPY affected positively the Japanese stock market. “There must be a target in the Japanese market for the Europeans”, Mr. “HKD” wrote to me.

The question is now, “What is this target?” and “When will the next sea change occur?”. My adaptive unconscious clearly says as follows:

-Because the western powers with Israel and Iran failed to push the Saudis, their true enemies, into a fatal war, which should have been begun between Israel and Iran, they changed their position in accordance with a “Plan B”. The war will then start in late May or early June of the next year. This “Plan B” was originally written in a paper released by the Brookings Institution in 2009.  This maneuver is therefore not an accident but involved in a grand strategy of the western powers from the beginning of the whole story, I suppose.

-The point is, we can suddenly enjoy a relatively risk-free phase from now till late May/early June in 2014. Why don’t we take advantage of the Japanese inflation policy to make huge profits in the Japanese stock market? The Europeans, especially Swiss and German financiers, obviously made up their minds to bid up the Japanese equities, while their own economies gradually have begun to got in to a serious deflation from this winter.

-In short, the moment of the truth will come in 6 months. However, please don’t forget another geopolitical risk around the DPRK. If it will be given an order from the City of London, for example, it will immediately launch its ballistic missile over Japan, which will surely cause a dramatic collapse of the Japanese and world stock markets. That will be called “the Japan Clash” instead of “the Japan Rush/Bubble”.

Anyway, you may now wonder why the western powers postponed all the things and decided to wait and see. Maybe, it’s due to current erratic solar activities. In addition, the comet ISON just vanished. Nobody can precisely predict how the universe will shake us for the next time.

So, please don’t say we’re lazy. All the things really depend on the ultimate something in the universe, which will surely begin to move forward from the next year.

Who’s Bad? Poor Saudis!

This morning, I just woke up and found an article regarding the current stage of the on-going seven-party talks in Geneva.  The Russian decided to dispatch Foreign Minister Lawrov to the negotiation. That clearly indicates the negotiation could have reached a crucial moment. All the delegates would let their foreign ministers get together again to sign a tentative agreement on Iranian nuclear issues.

To be honest, potential results of the talks as such won’t have any decisive meaning, I must say. Because the real “enemy” of the western powers seems to have been predecided. The target is apparently Saudi Arabia, which would eliminated at the end of the whole story.

According to an Israeli intelligence report, the Iranian government still persists two conditions must be satisfied for the sake of its further nuclear development: The one is a silent approval for construction of a heavy water reactor in Arak. Another is the Iranian should be entitled to develop their own nuclear capacities for peaceful purposes.

The point is every expert knows the heavy water reactor, which the Iranian claim to construct, will produce plutonium as a by-product, while it can be used for production of nukes. Of course, such an accord will anger the Israelis and Saudis, which have been declaring the Iranian nuclear capacity must be not only terminated but also totally eliminated in a style of Syrian chemical weapon. In the end, the Israeli IDF will be given an order to preemptive attack to Iranian nuclear facilities, while the Saudis will assist it by lending their military airport to the Israelis. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard will therefore primarily strike back at the poor Saudis by their high-tech missiles. The Great Middle East War will break out and lead to catastrophic fragmentation of the regional power since the oil shock in the 1970’s. Let’s say, “Good-bye, the poor Saudis!.”

If the on-going negotiation will fail to reach an agreement, the result of the whole story will never be changed. Based on the fact that an international obligation won’t stand yet, the Iranian will continue to develop their nuclear capacities and even show them to the world community. That can’t be tolerated by the Israelis and Saudis.

You may wonder why I just pointed out not Israel but Saudi Arabia will be final victim of the scenario. I strongly recommend you to take a look at the hidden nuclear strategy of the Saudis since the late 1980’s. While facing nuclear development of the Israelis and Iranian, which have been allegedly either tolerated or supported by the US, the Saudis seem to have made their mind to go for the nukes. The only mistake they made was their outsourcing strategy in this regard: Saudi Arabia gave a huge amount of money to Iraq and Pakistan to let them develop atomic bombs. Before they successfully completed the mission, former authorities of the both countries were demolished by the US military. On the contrary to the tragedy, the original causes of Saudis concerns don’t vanish, while the US still tolerate de facto nuclear capacities of both the Israelis and Iranian.  Now, you see who have been the real alliance partners of the USG beyond any stage effects.

The question left now is when the war would break out and affect the financial market drastically. My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD”, sent me a message, as usual, with his statistical analysis on various indices. One of them is on the Nikkei 225, which I show you below:

20131122    1    14508.5      under  -857.1
20131125    1    14615.93    under -765.79
20131126    1    14826.19    under -555.53
20131127    1    14804.84    under -576.88
20131128    1    15050.38    under -331.34
20131129    1    15321.89    under -59.83
20131202    1    15319.41    under -62.31
20131203    1    15276.75    under -104.97
20131204    1    15220.71    under -161.01
*20131205    -1    15525.65   under 143.93
20131206    -1    15546.74    over 165.02
20131209    -1    15548.98    over 167.26
20131210    -1    15551.81    over 170.09
20131211    -1    15554.68    over 172.96
20131212    -1    15557.25    over 175.53

The statistics tentatively say, “December 5, 2013” would be “the moment of the truth”. At this stage, my “adaptive unconscious” tells me a collapse of the market would be postponed to late February or early March of the next year, when this newly indicated date would be skipped again.

Anyway, the whole story must go back to the original antagonism between the Arabs and Western Christians since the medieval time. As the representative of the Arabs, the Saudis will be eliminated by the US, which now pretends to forget its ressentiment since the oil shock in the 1970’s caused by the OPEC. The world history will move forward at the sacrifice of the poor Saudis…

Known but Unknown “Le Chaterlier’s Principle”

While you’ve intensively read through my previous posts, you must now have the same feeling as I have: “Finally, the Moment of the Truth will have come.” To make all the things short, I begin with showing you the following chart of the Nikkei 225:


You can find the index has just started to go up recently. It’s really so remarkable that we should at first remember “Le Chatelier’s principle”. The key point of this principle is quite simple:

“If a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a change in concentration, temperature, volume, or partial pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to counteract the imposed change and a new equilibrium is established.”

That’s it The principle is not limited to be applied to chemistry but valid for the universe including the human society. Of course, the financial market is always controlled by  “The Equilibrium Law”.

Now, let’s go back to the Japanese market. Someone pushed the Nikkei 225 upwards very enthusiastically. Based on the fact, we can easily anticipate in accordance with the principle the market will collapse drastically in the near future.

My closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” has just sent me the following result of his statistical analysis on the Nikkei 225:

20131114    1    14663.77    under 96.61
20131115    1    14544.48    under -331.93
20131118    1    14440.35    under -436.06
20131119    1    14454.37    under -422.04
20131120    1    14539.7      under -336.71
20131121    1    14446.37    under -430.04
20131122    1    14331.57    under -544.84
20131125    1    14465.04    under -411.37
20131126    1    14728.02    under -148.39
20131127    1    14706.98    under -169.43
*20131128    -1    15003.57   under 127.16
20131129    -1    15003.87    over 127.46
20131202    -1    15004        over 127.59
20131203    -1    15005.28    over 128.87
20131204    -1    15005.7    over 129.29
20131205    -1    15006.35    over 129.94

As far as the Nikkei 225 is concerned, “the moment of the truth” would come on November 28. In addition, his analysis on other indices clearly shows the whole story would begin with higher price of gold:

-Between November 21 and 22, gold will go up at first in the world market.

-Indices of crude oil such as WTI would follow it between November 25 and 26.

-NY30 would collapse between November 26 and 27.

-Finally, all the movements would lead to a drastic correction of the Nikkei 225 between November 27 and 28.

Because the scenario would be kicked off by the uprising of gold and WTI prices, I firmly believe the Great Middle East War would break out on November 25/26. Either the Israeli IDF would be given a command to attack Iran, or even the Saudis would show its nuclear capability to the world community. Just keep in mind the main hidden target of this war, or the WW III, is not Israel or Iran, but Saudi Arabia, which would be forced to be fragmented as the following map “The New Middle East” indicates:


During the war, Europe and the United States would be involved without any exceptions, while Japan would be saved as a safe haven in lack of historical connection to the Middle East. “Le Chatelier’s Principle” would be applied for the case at this stage: Because the rest of the world would go down, Japan would go up to keep the equilibrium of the world community.

Anyway, the act call is ringing. Just take a seat and imagine how smoothly the world would be changed one by one, as Mme. Grimaud’s Chaconne is. Enjoy.

Slightly Postponed, but the Baseline Scenario still remains.

In previous posts on this weblog, I referred to a possible “mid-November crisis”. Some of my closest friend and colleagues even asked me what it will be and exactly when it will happen. Whenever asked so, I replied as follows:

-The most important thing we never forget is Japan would emerge as the next centre of human civilization after a variety of events would occur one after another in the framework of this crisis. The “Pax Japonica” would begin instead of the previous “Pax Americana”. In this regard, effects of this crisis wouldn’t be limited to the conventional extent we’ve often seen in the financial capitalism.

-Even before the real “sea change” would come, we could easily recognize various early warning signals (EWS) directly or indirectly connected to that. The beginning of normalization of the US-Iranian relationship would be the most remarkable one. That is to say, when this historical procedure in the diplomacy would begin and its substantial results would be announced to the international community, it would clearly indicate preparation of the next step towards the goal “Pax Japonica” would have been completed: The Israeli IDF would finally be given a command to attack Iran. This would lead to the Great Middle East War including the regional powers such as the Saudis. Of course, the war would give negative effects to the whole world tremendously, which would then finally push us into the next phase of human civilization in the course of accelerating deflation.

I promise you, dear readers, I will explain the details of further steps as soon as decisive things will start to move forward invisivly at first. What I want to point out now, is the fact that the second round of nuclear talks among, Iran, the five world powers and Germany couldn’t reach an final agreement except for fixing the date of the third round. Therefore, the critical date was postponed to November 20, while the Israeli PM Netanyahu will try to persuade his Russian counterpart Putin not to let his country declare the war against Iran.

So, my adaptive unconscious says, “Slightly postponed, but the baseline scenario still remains.” Please stay tuned…

Last but not least, my closest alliance partner “HKD” sent me his following statistical analyisis on the Nikkei 225 on the last Friday:

20131108    -1    14698.66    over 470.22
*20131111    -1    14318.7     over 231.9
20131112    -1    14602.89    over 516.09
20131113    -1    14516.89    over 430.09
20131114    -1    14719.52    over 632.72
20131115    -1    14493.96    over 407.16
*20131118    -1    14343.7     over 256.9
20131119    -1    14367.44    over 280.64
20131120    -1    14487.87    over 401.07
20131121    -1    14353.03    over 266.23
*20131122    -1    14193.41    over 106.61
20131125    -1    14191.4    over 104.6
20131126    -1    14189.51    over 102.71
20131127    -1    14187.31    over 100.51

He also commented, “The moment of the truth was slightly postponed.  The day of “November 22″ is suddenly underlined as one of the critical dates for possible dramatic change of the Nikkei 225.”  To sum up, I personally believes we would find ourselves in a totally different situation from the current one, when the period between November 20 and mid-December would have started. Now, my question is: “Do you have the same feeling thanks to your adaptive unconscious??”

At the Dawn of “Rushing into Japan”


First of all, thank you very much for kind responses my friends and colleagues gave me to the last post “On the Adaptive Unconscious and Our “Unthinkable” Future” from all over the world.  For me in Japan, it’s really remarkable to find all of them agree on my forecast which anticipates a mid-November crisis in the world community. Beyond the borders of nation states, we surely have a common sensitivity on crisis among the human kind. To become aware of existence of such a common feeling is one of the main aims of this English weblog. Through this way, I want to contribute to let the human community go forward to a positive and meaningful direction.

As I pointed out frequently in previous posts, Japan will emerge again as the very motor of the next age in the midst of the forthcoming, world-wide crisis. Apart from relevant open sources, world-class leaders and influential people are now rushing into “the Empire of Rising Sun”. Folks from D.C. or the City of London and so on. At least around me, so many distinguished foreign guests are trying to be somehow connected to Japan, which is normally disregarded and totally isolated.  I’m quite sure the above mentioned “common feeling of the human kind” tells them, “Now, the time for Japan is coming again.” But this time, the movement is irreversible. Why?  To get the correct answer to this question, you must know af first what it is:

Imperial_Seal_of_Japan_svgDo you know what it is? This is the seal of the Japanese Imperial House. Of course, you know that, if you, dear readers, are the Japanese. Still, I wonder whether you know what it really means? A kind of flower. Oh, yes, you’re right. However, this seal has a little bit deeper meaning. Do you know that?

The point is the circle is divided into 16 parts. That means, each part has 22 minutes 50 degrees. This is the entrance of the whole arcanum this seal implies. It is related to historical and periodic (=every 1611 years) transition of centres of civilazation.

Historical Transition of Centres of Civilizaition

This map clearly shows what I mean (Sorry, only in Japanese!). According to this arcanum, there are two different directions for this civilization’s transition. One is towards the East, and another is towards the West. The whole story began in Sumer about 6400 years ago and then, the eastbound circulation started. When a eastbound movement has been completed, the next westbound one begins, which originally started from Indus. Till 1995, the age of London continued for 1611 years. After that, the latest eastbound circulation was slowly activated towards Japan. This is the very reason why both money and folks are now rushing into Japan. This movement will be completed by reaching 135 degrees of east longitude.

You might still why Japan must be selected, I suppose. On the line of 135 degrees of east longitude, you can find, for example, Indonesia and Australia. However, I can hardly imagine they could be the next centre of human civilization. Or, am I totally wrong?

Furthermore, you might say, “Why do we forget “Pax Americana”?” You’re right so far as you don’t know the American financial capitalism relies totally on the will of the City of London. Actually, NY is a kind of its puppet, I must say. To ease the poor Americans, let’s say, the age of London, in which the so-called “Anglo-Saxon” society including the US was dominant, came to end in 1995.


Please don’t forget this arcanum seems to be closely related to periodic changes of magnetic lines arounds the earth. That could be also relevant to polar shifts of the sun, while even the modern science can’t explain exactly what it is.

Last but not least, my closest alliance partner, Mr. “HKD” sent me the following statistical analysis of the Nikkei 225 index yesterday:

20131101    -1    14796.66    over 468.72
20131105    -1    14989.85    over 788.28
20131106    -1    14997.54    over 795.97
20131107    -1    14639.82    over 438.25
20131108    -1    14692.73    over 491.16
*20131111    -1    14288.95    over 87.38
20131112    -1    14551.43    over 349.86
20131113    -1    14473.58    over 272.01
20131114    -1    14661.55    over 459.98
20131115    -1    14453.67    over 252.1
20131118    -1    14315.17    over 113.6
20131119    -1    14314.48    over 112.91
20131120    -1    14313.2    over 111.63

As you read, the scenario hasn’t been changed from the previous one. The crisis, which I pointed out, will break out between 11 and 13 November. After that, everyone will become aware of the era of Japan will begin, which has already begun in 1995, in fact.


Until then, why don’t we take a seat and be relaxed to see Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Mirror”, which gives you a mixed feeling between the past and future.